Starting Point Membership Class

Interested in becoming a member of First Baptist?

Starting Point Membership Class

Are you interested in being a member of First Baptist Church-Pekin or do you desire more information about membership? Please watch the following video to learn more. We also have notes you can download at the bottom.

After the video, if you desire to begin the process of membership, simply fill out:

1) Membership Form - Two Questions (pg. 8)

2) Individual Membership Information Sheet (pg. 9)

3) Gifts & Passions Survey (pg. 10-11) Note: If you have already filled this out there's no need to do it again.

4) Membership Agreement (pg. 12)

Please submit these 4 items to the First Baptist Church office. We will then contact you to schedule a membership meeting with two of our leaders.

If you have questions, please contact Pastor Brad at 309-347-5965. 

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