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  • Vernon Risner 

    Senior Pastor

    Vern is originally from Ohio.  Ask him sometime about how God called him into the ministry.  At 19 he became involved at a local church in his hometown of Franklin, Ohio.  Eleven years later he was the Senior Pastor.  That was in 2001.  He loves Jesus' church.  A graduate of Moody Theological Seminary his greatest desire is to lead a community of believers committed to sharing the power of the love of Jesus Christ.  A love that conquers sin, wipes away shame, heals wounds, reconciles enemies, patches broken dreams and ultimately changes the world one life at a time.   

    He has a wife he loves and 2 daughters who are his most aggravating blessings.  

    Fun Facts about Pastor Vern: He has experience at extreme sports:  Biking down a volcano, paint ball, and even skydiving.

    Favorite Bible verse John 15:5

    Favorite thing to do:  Go on vacation with my wife, go bike riding and hiking with my girls.  

    Piece of Trivia:  His mom's second choice for his name was Sabastian.  

  • Brad Martin

    Associate Pastor

    Brad and his wife Jeanne have known each other since they were small children. They started dating in 1975 and were married in 1979. In 1988, they started attending First Baptist and have loved being part of this family. By 2002, they were not only members, the Deacons licensed Brad to become one of our pastors. Brad's heart is to help those that are hurting, which makes him the perfect person to head up our Single Parent and GriefShare ministries. He also over sees our Food Pantry When he's not busy helping others, Brad can be found hunting, fishing, making pottery and riding his Harley. And while he may not walk around the church dressed in leather, this Harley-Davidson lover hits the road with his bike anytime the day promises good weather. 

    Fun Facts about Pastor Brad:

    Favorite Verse: John 14:6

    Must Have Movie Grab: Band of Brothers

    Fun Thing You Like To Do: Ride my Harley out west

    Favorite Food: Crawdaddys

    Hidden Talent: Artist

  • Benny Mate

    Student Ministries Director

    Benny was born in Chicago. He accepted Christ at a young age but the relationship was not made real until 8th grade, where, living in San Antonio, he saw the power of God take over his life. As he grew in Christ and in the youth ministry, Benny got a call to ministry in 11th grade. Immediately, he stepped into leadership roles like Middle School Small Group Leader and he even got to begin preaching to elementary schoolers as a High School Senior. Benny was active in the Youth Ministry and the College Ministry, as well as been on staff at Castle Hills Church and Castle Hills School as a part of the Creative Team. Benny enjoys nothing more than simply hanging out and getting to know people. He loves everything from technology to music to every random project he could think of. He loves students and could not be more excited about serving the Lord every day. 

    Fun Facts about Benny: 

    Favorite Verse:  Luke 1:76

    Must Have Guilty Pleasure: YouTube

    Oddest Thing at Desk:  Hanayama Puzzles

  • Christine Greenleaf

    Children's Ministries Director

    Christine grew up in the suburbs of St.Louis. She surrendered her life to Jesus at the age 20 and considers herself to be a Jesus Freak!

    Christine has four children, two boys and two girls as well as two grandchildren.

    Besides the experience of raising her four children, she has a little over 10 years children's ministry experience and believes God has given her a great desire to show the love of Jesus to children.

    Fun Facts about Christine:

    Favorite book besides the Bible: Abiding in Christ by Andrew Murray

    Favorite Movie: The Hiding Place, Story of Corrie Ten Boom

    Favorite sayings: Nothing that comes into my Day surprises God, so why worry?!

    Whatever God, I know you're in control! 

    Life Verse: Romans 8:28

    Piece of Trivia: The reason her mom named her Christine Noel King was because she was born near Christmas.

  • Kendal Springer

    Facilities Manager

    A former Eagle Scout, all-around sports fanatic, and electrical & plumbing extraordinare, Kendal brings many hats to the table and does a great job keeping the church and the grounds surrounding it looking good. Kendal and his wife Annjlee have two children - Brandt and Kristen. Both Kendal and his wife are active in the church and various vocal ensembles. They also lead our Grief Share program on Wednesday evenings.

    Fun Facts about Kendal: 

    Favorite Verse | Nahum 1:7

    Sought-after Superpower | To make everyone drive like I do!

    Strangest Thing You've Eaten | Fried pork brains & mountain oysters (both delicious!)

    Best Childhood Memory | Watching movies from the balcony of my grandma's theater

    After-hours Hobbies | Golf, Reading and Camping

  • Connie Dick

    Office Manager

    Also known as the "glue" that holds everything together, Connie has been with us since 2005. She organizes and manages the church office and provides administrative support to the Pastors. Married to Tom since 1984. Both, Connie and Tom are very involved with our pre-marital counseling team and thank God they are married to their best friend. Connie and Tom also sing on our Sunday morning praise team. They have four grown children - Jenni, Josh, Kelli and Cory - and have 8 grandchildren.

    Fun Facts about Connie :

    Favorite Verse: James 1:17

    Guilty Pleasures: NCIS marathons, March Madness Basketball, Golden State Warrior Basketball, Motown music

    Favorite Things To Do: Alone time with hubby

    Gotta Go Vacation Spot:  Branson, anyplace with water

  • Gayla Long


    Gayla and Louis have been married since 1994. Gayla started attending FBC shortly after being married. Gayla and Louis help serve in the kitchen for our Wednesday night TownSquare program. They are also Kids Hope Mentors. Gayla and Louis have 6 grown children and 11 grandchildren.

    Fun Facts about Gayla

    Favorite Verse | John 14:18

    Favorite TV Show | NCIS

    Favorite Vacation | Germany

    Favorite Things to Do | Spending time with best friend (Louis) and grandchildren

    After-hour Hobbies | Gardening, swimming and attending cruise-ins with spouse.

  • Janet Scanlon


    Helping keep the church in pristine condition since 2006, Janet is just another important behind-the-scenes worker at First Baptist Church.

    Fun Facts about Janet

    Hobbies | Quilting, ceramics, gardening, making Barbie clothes

    Strangest thing ever eaten | Alligator

    Best way to relax | Fishing

    Hidden Talent | Making fly fishing lures